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November 09 2011

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Darum war das LVT beim #epizentrum

November 08 2011

November 07 2011

November 05 2011

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November 04 2011

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October 27 2011

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October 26 2011

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October 24 2011

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Bist onngrennt oide??! Defekt?
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October 14 2011

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This guy (Andreas Treichl) really made my day. Sorry pal...your lack of style unnerves me...next time check your books before calling everyone else an idiot and promising to pay back your debts "real soon now" ;)

I hope you learnt the lesson: shut up! (and pay back the money!)
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October 06 2011

October 04 2011

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Proudly announcing Mikl "Terror" Leitner Meme generator. Let the shitstorm begin.
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